About Us


No Substitute For Experience

Since 2003, Liberty Partners, Inc. has dedicated itself to providing an all-inclusive hub for aircraft owners and companies. Priding itself on managing the entire process, every single project is held to the highest standard of quality and service while being under one roof. Liberty Partners, Inc. is an American firm that provides engineering, certification, upholstery & interior, and parts manufacturing & fabrication services.

A Trusted Name

While Liberty Partners, Inc. is a smaller firm,  it is a name the aviation modifications industry has come to know. With thousands of completed projects under its belt, companies rely on the expertise and experience of our team to ensure sound engineering and unparalleled quality control.

Our Facility

With our 12,000 square foot Oklahoma facility, we can take on a project where we design, generate all certification data, fabricate parts and assemblies, perform required tests and inspections, and finally deliver to our customer a fully approved and certified part, ready to be installed in an aircraft.